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For Your New Life?

Are you tired? Tired of playing small? Feeling unfulfilled? Knowing that there is so much more to reality than what you see on the surface! Are you wanting to tap into those infinite possibilities available to you? 


The only thing between YOU and YOUR desires is you! NOW is the time to change that! 

You can create the reality you desire by getting specific around your thoughts and actions.

All of my Programs, Courses, and 1-on-1 mentoring leads you to start digging into your perceived blocks - to propel yourself into living with ease in this world, with awareness, and manifesting / materializing your dream life.

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Master Materializer

Mentorship Mastermind

10-Week LIVE Group Coaching


**Payment Plans and Couple Discounts Available

Master Materializer

Welcome to

Mentorship Mastermind

Are you tired of living a life that's not what you want? Do you dream of a different reality, where you're more successful, happier,
and more fulfilled?

When you say YES you will embark on a journey that will revolutionize your perception and ability to shape your own reality by stepping into your Vortex.

Throughout this transformative course, you will learn the art of letting go and harnessing the principles of Reality Shifting to navigate the quantum field aka alternative space (everything outside of you) with ease. I will personally guide you through powerful techniques, practical exercises, and profound insights to help you manifest abundance, attract positive experiences, and align with your true purpose.

Imagine waking up one day and living the life of your dreams. Everything you've ever wanted is finally yours. You're successful, happy, and fulfilled.

This is what becoming a Master Materializer can do for you.

Let's START creating the reality of your dreams!!

Whether you desire financial abundance, fulfilling relationships, vibrant health, or personal growth, this course will equip you with the tools and mindset to materialize it all. 

Now's the time to surrender and let go of resistance. Trust that the Universe is guiding you and that everything is happening for your highest good. No more failed manifesting! No more playing small!!  No more guessing! No more f***ing around and hoping you find out! 

In Master Materializer Mentorship Mastermind, you will  use visualizations, affirmations, and aligned intentional actions to focus on the reality YOU want to experience, thereby increasing your materialization MAGIC! 

Are you ready to take the leap? 🚀✨

HINT: if you said yes.. this course is definitely for you

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The Master Materializer Mastermind waslife changing for me!

Stacy makes sure you are aligned and ready to have your mind opened to so many possibilities. I learned how to see myself, my life, and the situations within my life so much differently. I feel more in control of my emotions and the situations I encounter every day. I felt seen and supported throughout the whole class and know without a doubt that I have made life long friends and mentors through this class. I am forever grateful to Stacy and the Universe for bringing me to this place!

- K. Cowles

Holy crap am I happy she brought me in here.

My wife and I experienced the Soul Healing Mentorship course together and I'll be honest in saying I never would have done it without her suggestion.  Holy crap am I happy she brought me in here.  I had been struggling with the death of a very dear friend for nearly two years and I couldn't seem to get out of my own way and get back to life.  Not only was I able to remove that block but many others that we're hanging out behind it that I wasn't able to see.  Thats huge, but knowing how will be life changing going forward.  I feel like a version of me I never thought I'd see again, and I now remember, I really like this guy. :)

- Clint  C.

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helped me open up my truest self!

I met Stacy through a mutual friend and was eager to meet with her and receive a reading, and wow!! Stacy has been spot on! As Stacy has continued to do readings for me she has been able to unlock some blockages I’ve struggled with and has helped me open up my truest self! Stacy is absolutely amazing, and I’m so blessed to have met her! Thank you Stacy for all you are capable of doing, you’re a wonderful strong woman, and I just adore you.

- K.R

What's Included?

✨ Live Group Calls & Real Time Group Chat Support
Join me for 10 Weeks of LIVE Group Calls, Including 1 Private Coaching Session, where I will personally lead you into YOUR transformative journey. 

✨ Connected Community
Join our Private Reality Transformation Facebook Group and be part of a supportive and exclusive community of like-minded individuals.

✨Comprehensive Workbook & Library
Access the powerful content of the Master Materializer Workbook, an invaluable resource designed to empower you along your journey. Plus, unlimited access to my Meditation Library, Recorded Lives, and so much more!

✨ Release Your Blocks
Personalized guidance and support to help you identify your blocks, understand how they are affecting your life, and break through them so you can create the life you desire. You'll be receiving an energy alignment session to help you further clear any blockages or misalignments that may be preventing you from shifting your reality.

 ✨Unlock Your Design
As a gift from me, you'll receive a basic human design reading to help you understand your unique energetic blueprint and how to work with it to create your desired reality.

✨Personalized Support
All of my courses include WhatsApp chats for collective learning and communication, where you can personally ask me questions and get guidance throughout the 10 weeks.

✨Materialize Your Ultimate Reality
The Reality Shifting Method is a powerful tool that you can use to create the life you want. It is based on the idea that we are all divine & universal beings, existing in a multi-layered Universe of infinite possibilities. Through focusing, intention, and aligned actions, we can shift from one reality to another, creating the life we want.

Here, you become a Master Materializer.

Looking For More?

Week 1: Introduction to Reality Transurfing & Shifting Principles

- Overview of Reality Transurfing & Shifting principles
- Understanding the alternative space and its impact on reality
- Exploring slides and the concept of induced transition

Week 2: Importance of Self-Care and Self-Love

- Practicing self-care and self-love to shape your reality
- Techniques for maintaining balance and avoiding negativity
- Exploring the concept of excess potential

Week 3: Navigating Pendulums and Energy Management

- Recognizing and navigating pendulums in your reality
- Techniques for managing energy and external influences
- Understanding the power of intent and its role in pendulum dynamics

Week 4: Scripts and Manifesting Abundance

- Understanding the power of scripts in shaping reality
- Techniques for rewriting limiting beliefs and patterns
- Cultivating an abundance mindset and attracting positive experiences

Week 5: Exploring the Alternative Space

- Deep dive into the alternative space and its mechanics
- Understanding the rustle of the morning stars and its influence
- Applying the path of least resistance in navigating the alternative space

Week 6: The Power of Intent and Goals

- Harnessing the power of intent in manifesting desired outcomes
- Setting meaningful goals and aligning with your true purpose
- Techniques for aligning your intentions with the soul fraile

Week 7: Doors and Reality Shifting Techniques

- Understanding the concept of doors and their significance
- Reviewing and practicing Reality Transurfing & Shifting techniques
- Applying techniques to real-life situations and challenges

Week 8: Wave of Luck and Excess Potential

- Exploring the concept of the wave of luck and its materializations
- Techniques for harnessing and utilizing excess potential
- Sharing experiences and insights in the group

Week 9: Integration and Reflection

- Reflecting on the transformational journey so far
- Integrating Reality Transurfing & Shifting principles into daily life
- Identifying areas for further growth and development

Week 10: Personalized Coaching and Action Planning

- Private coaching session to discuss individual situations and goals
- Personalized guidance in applying Reality Transurfing & Shifting techniques
- Setting intentions and creating an action plan for future materializations

Bonus: Learn Your Design & Align Your Energy

- Private intro Human Design reading

- Private energy alignment session

Class Starts on SOON! I can’t wait to see you here with me! 

Please email me at StacySamLenae@Gmail.Com or find me @StacySamLenae with any questions or to connect about the course. 

Remember: You are the strongest entity in YOUR reality.

Your reality creation journey starts NOW.

Modalities I Use:

Channeling, Psychic Mediumship, Tarot, Oracle, Pendulums, Workbooks, Journals, Meditations, Visualizations, Reiki Energy Healer, Human Design Bodygraph, Materialization
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