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HELLO Beautiful and WELCOME to Stacy Sam Lenae's Membership Community.

HELLO! Hello! Hello!

And a little bit of 'hey girl hey'!

Welcome to the Membership Community.

What this is...

This is the place for all you intuitive, up-leveling, peeps looking for a place to connect with others on a similar journey.

This makes it simpler than walking into a large store and yelling "I'm here! Ok! Who uses their intuition and abilities and wants to be my friend?!"

In here you will be able to:

• Access to ALL of my live videos (and recordings)

• Community chat with your peeps

• Enjoy Meditations/Visualizations/Rampages

• Mini-Series

• Connect and share with others

Ready for EVEN MORE? Go Here:

Need Help? Message me at:

Please keep in mind:

I take the safety and security of my community very seriously and will not tolerate hate speech, bullying, vulgarity, derogatory comments, or anything else that I find inappropriate for this space.

You will be removed immediately. There will be no other chances.

All My Love,

Stacy Sam Lenae

Stacy Sam Lenae is a driven and magnetic human who lives her life as she mentors. She walks the walk and you can feel it emanate from her and her energy in conversation or in a coaching container. It's contagious!

Having worked as a professional personal trainer and health coach for 15 years Stacy comes with the professionalism and knowledge of individuality as well as community.


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  • February 25, 2024


  • Stacy Sam Lenae

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