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Hi Beautiful!

My name is Stacy Sam Lenae.

If this is our first time meeting welcome in!

I am thrilled you are here. Truly.

I am a veteran mentor and coach, I teach Intuition Development, Reality Transformation & Creation, I am a Wellness Instructor, Psychic Medium, Channel, and Momma of two. I have spent the past few decades traveling the US and learning how to help people step into their best lives, their highest desires, and callings.

Today I work with people from all over the world who desire massive change in their lives. To step outside of the box and into their true selves and tune into their higher purpose, power, and intuitive abilities! Call it God, Universe, Source, or your Higher Self - you're in the right place and I am SO glad you are here.

If there is one thing I know from spending several decades working with people from all over the world it is that you can absolutely create whatever reality you want to live in. You can start small and go big. You can start wherever the F*CK you are and it will always start with YOU. 


The Universe is here and waiting for you to begin! 


Ground, Surround, Protect - MINI COURSE


In this MINI COURSE you will learn the basics of energy protection.. this includes: How to GROUND: What grounding is and why it is important for spiritual growth. The difference between grounding and surrounding. Different grounding techniques and how to use them properly. How to ground yourself in everyday life, even when you are busy or stressed. How to SURROUND: What surrounding is and why it is important for spiritual protection. How to create a white light shield around themselves. How to use their white light shield for protection and healing. How to maintain their white light shield throughout the day. and be PROTECTED: Different types of psychic and energetic attacks. Why protecting yourself is important in every day life. How to protect yourself from psychic and energetic attacks. How to clear your energy field of negative energy. Bonus Content: How to cord cut and call your energy back to you.

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