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Hi Beautiful!

My name is Stacy Sam Lenae.

If this is our first time meeting welcome in!

I am thrilled you are here. Truly.

I am a veteran mentor and coach, I teach Intuition Development, Reality Transformation & Creation, I am a Wellness Instructor, Psychic Medium, Channel, and Momma of two. I have spent the past few decades traveling the US and learning how to help people step into their best lives, their highest desires, and callings.

Today I work with people from all over the world who desire massive change in their lives. To step outside of the box and into their true selves and tune into their higher purpose, power, and intuitive abilities! Call it God, Universe, Source, or your Higher Self - you're in the right place and I am SO glad you are here.

If there is one thing I know from spending several decades working with people from all over the world it is that you can absolutely create whatever reality you want to live in. You can start small and go big. You can start wherever the F*CK you are and it will always start with YOU. 


The Universe is here and waiting for you to begin! 


Intuition 101 (Mini Series)


Hello BEAUTIFUL! I am so glad you are here. This is the first day of the rest of your life. You have chosen the golden-ticket of Intuition. From now on you will be keenly aware of the Super Power that lives inside of you like a Garmin GPS. This cool little gadget is capable of big and amazing things if you are ready to list and implement what you feel and hear. Intuition is a tool we are born with but shut down early on in life. Well, the time is now to reclaim your power and tap into the well of knowledge that is creating your reality with yourself as the navigation system. Whether your intuition is your 'higher self', 'guides', 'gut', or any number of other names CONGRATS on choosing you. Not everyone does and that is worthy of a celebration🙌🏽 so just know I am over here CELEBRATING your choices! Don't forget to do something that brings you JOY today! All My Love Your Intuitive BFF, Stacy Sam Lenae

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