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I love hearing what my clients have to say about my programs, their experiences during my readings, and the insight that follows them afterward! Check out below to see some of what they have had to say!

All my love,

Stacy Sam Lenae

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Zach F.

Embark on a soul-refreshing journey with Stacy, she works wonder. If you feel that you have any limiting beliefs in yourself just know you’re not alone. This has been such an Eye-opening experience and has helped me at such a low point in my life. Don’t be afraid to seek guidance and I couldn’t think of a better place to find it than right here. leaving you with newfound inner peace and clarity. Book a session now and embrace the spiritual bliss!

Kiki D.

Stacy's reading was an organic and beautiful experience! Her presence was overwhelmingly positive and the reading journey was a natural path. Along the way, any questions that arose were clarified and interpreted through additional cards. I feel like Stacy left no stone unturned and really made the most of our time together.

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Michelle B.

Seeking a property cleansing, turned into a much needed personal guidance that has opened all the windows in our bodily house ( we can breath again ) If you are seeking any kind of spiritual guidance, or healing personal or property YOU have definitely found the right person!! Trust you are seeing this and know that you have found what you NEEDED!

Paula N.

Stacy really uses all of her talents when working with you! You can get a reading and out pops some coaching or suggestions for food or exercise to help you grow with your own journey. I am simply amazed every time I work with her. Connecting with her will improve your life!

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April H.

First, let me say that this experience with Stacy is life changing.  She has so much talent and insight.  I cried pretty much the entire session because she was able to communicate so much to me.  She took her time and explained everything to me in great detail.  I am excited to continue to work with her in the future.

Jordan S.

I have had multiple ground breaking experiences with Stacy. She has helped me tremendously in times of need. Amazing soul.

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Raelee K.

I met Stacey through a mutual friend and was eager to meet with her and receive a reading, and wow!! Stacey has been spot on! As Stacey has continued to do readings for me she has been able to unlock some blockages I’ve struggled with and has helped me open up my truest self! Stacey is absolutely amazing, and I’m so blessed to have met her! Thank you Stacey for all you are capable of doing, you’re a wonderful strong women, and I just adore you.

Kellin C.

​Stacy makes sure you are aligned and ready to have your mind opened to so many possibilities. I learned how to see myself, my life, and the situations within my life so much differently. I feel more in control of my emotions and the situations I encounter every day. I felt seen and supported throughout the whole class and know without a doubt that I have made life long friends and mentors through this class. I am forever grateful to Stacy and the Universe for bringing me to this place!

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